kinguyakkii episode 010 (part 1 of 2)

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One Response to kinguyakkii episode 010 (part 1 of 2)

  1. eskimon says:

    001 mastra – shade [original mix]
    002 anil chawla and dale anderson – wilmot street [original mix
    003 vas floyd feat mr. jones – deep house soul [string mix]
    004 moodfreak – in your face [original mix]
    005 who’s who? – klack [inpetto remix]
    006 16 bit lolitas – nobody seems to care [original mix
    007 cosmic gate feat. emma hewitt – not enough time [andy duguid remix]
    008 the veil kings – searching for the truth [original mix]
    009 lightflow feat. ken spector – alone [original prog mix dub]
    010 joonas hahmo – warm up [original mix]
    011 paul keely – morning star [original mix]
    012 paul keeley – life aquatic [original mix]
    013 16 bit lolitas – murder weapon [original mix]
    014 mike foyle – bitterswee nightshade [markus schulz return to coldharbour remix]
    015 andrelli blue feat. hila – transparent [tritonal remix]
    016 paul keeley – trans am [original mix]
    017 jpl – linger [original mix]
    018 leon bollier and elsa hill – no need to come back [original mix]
    019 oliver smith and boom jinx – sunrise [original mix]
    020 kyau and albert – hooked on infinity [club mix]
    021 mark otten and fine taste present side smokers – sugar beats [original mix]
    022 nitrous oxide – magenta [original mix]
    023 john o’callaghan feat jaren – surreal [club mix]
    024 mat zo – lucky strike [original mix]
    025 aquateca – azure [icone remix]
    026 illuca – clear senses [urban breathe remix]
    027 sebastien leger – the people [eric prydz remix]
    028 pryda – animal [original mix]
    029 simon paterson – thump [original mix]

    Important: this mix is for promotional purposes only. please respect the hard work and copyright of the featured artists; you can buy most of the featured tracks from

    Released by: eskimon
    Release number: kinguyakkii 010(a)
    Release date: Jul 27, 2009

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