kinguyakkii episode 014

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  1. eskimon says:

    For more info, visit
    This mix is for promotional purposes only. Please respect and support the hard work and copyright of the featured artists; you can buy most of the featured tracks from

    001 pryda vs cirez d – glowing ends [eski’s moorish mashup]
    002 armin van buuren – orbion [original mix]
    003 a&z – break up [original mix]
    004 benya – prometheus [tucandeo remix]
    005 deep skies feat cass fox – little bird [mike koglin deeper dub]
    006 markus schulz – 65.4Hz [album mix]
    007 nenes and pascal feliz – platinum [tech mix]
    008 dns project feat johanna – timestep [dub mix]
    009 arctic quest – strings and guitars [original mix]
    010 rex mundi – perspective [original mix]

    Released by: eskimon
    Release number: kinguyakkii 014
    Release date: Sep 28, 2010

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