kinguyakkii episode 018

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  1. eskimon says:

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    This mix is for promotional purposes only. Please respect the hard work and copyright of the featured artists; you can buy most of the featured tracks from

    001 armin van buuren feat. susana – desiderium 207 and mirage [extended mix] (armada)
    002 monopax vs. snatt and vix- replay girl [original mix] (armada)
    003 pobsky – final cloud [original mix] (armada)
    004 wezz devall – this is your day [original mix] (captivating sounds)
    005 armin van buuren feat. bt – these silent hearts [extended mix] (armada)
    006 cressida and reminder – lucid [juicy mix] (afterglow)
    007 alaa and kistoffer ljunberg – plateau [jpl remix] (nellie recordings)
    008 ernesto and bastian – hyper globe [alternative mix] (captivating sounds)
    009 paul miller presents meli – the last one [original mix] (phoenix recordings)
    010 sensation – the anthem 2003 [robert gitelman remix] (id&t)
    011 sean tyas – i remember now [original mix] (future sound of egypt)
    012 vascotia – verano 2010 [sean tyas remix] (enhanced recordings)
    013 dj ange – isolation [original mix] (discover digital)

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